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  1. There will be both judged and unjudged Musicales. The first Judged Musicale of each year will be for students through sixth grade only.
  2. A teacher may present three entries for each Judged Musicale and two entries for each Unjudged Musicale. Application and evaluation forms, plus fee, should be mailed to the Chairperson. Fees are $15 per entry for Judged Musicales, and $7 per entry for Unjudged Musicales.
    The deadline for receiving all forms is Saturday, one week prior to the Musicale.
    Please print or type information.

    No telephone applications accepted.

  3. No more than the first 25 applications will be accepted for each Unjudged Musicale. Each Judged Musicale will be limited to the first 16 applications. Teachers with applications received after the quota has been filled will be notified immediately.
  4. If a student is unable to participate in the Musicale, the fee may be credited to the next Musicale.
  5. Soloists must play from memory. Ensembles may use music. Teachers may perform with their students.
  6. Pieces performed can be classical or jazz and must be composed specifically for the instrument used. Vocal applicants may submit songs from the popular repertoire or from musical theatre. Simplified arrangements of any type of music are not accepted.
  7. Students must provide one copy of the music for the judges, measures numbered. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  8. The judges at each Judged Musicale may choose four outstanding students for the annual Honors Recital, but no more than two students of any one instrument, voice, or ensemble.
  9. Decisions by the judges will be made on the basis of musicianship.

    Judges' decisions are final.

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